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Basic Setup (3.4 MB)
Covers installing blades and plotter pen, adjusting rollers and what to connect.
Note: If you wish to download and save these video, right-click on each link and select Save Target As... from the menu.
Printed Manuals
R Series Manual
User manual for the Vinyl Express® R Series vinyl cutters.
R Series Cutter Basic Setup
Short guide to basic setup and troubleshooting.
Cutter Stand Assembly Procedures
How to assemble your cutter stand.
Cutter Black Stand Assembly Procedures
How to assemble your black cutter stand.
LXi Installation Guide
Eleven stress-free steps to install LXi sign making software on your computer.
USB Connection Instructions
How to connection your R Series vinyl cutter to LXi Apprentice.
LXI/Flexi Software User Manual
A 189-page manual on how to get the best out of your software.
Adobe Reader
Our manuals are in PDF format. You need Adobe Reader, which you can get free from Adobe.
Here is your source for vinyl supplies for sign making. Our self adhesive vinyl selection includes Oracal vinyl, Avery vinyl and LG vinyl. These vinyl supplies are perfect for vinyl lettering on doors, windows, decals, and much more.
All cutting strips for ALL R Series vinyl sign cutters.
R19, R24, R31, R39, R44 and R53 vinyl cutters
R Series blade holder for ALL R Series vinyl sign cutters.
R19, R24, R31, R39, R44 and R53 vinyl cutters
R Series Pinch roller. Compatible with R Series VE Cutters.
Made from 15% cobalt, ultra fine grain carbide guarantees quality cutting.
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Updated Drivers
Series Driver for LXi software
These instructions for installing your R Series cutter in your LXi software, if R Series is not listed in Product List). Included is the cutter driver, along with instructions on how to load it into your software. Make sure your sign making software is closed before taking these steps. If you are still not able to finish setting up after installing the new driver, please contact us through the R Series Support E-mail below.
  1. Save the file Vinyl.csm (Right Click > Save Target As...) to this location:
    For LXi version 8.6:
    C:\Program Files\Signwarehouse\Signwarehouse Production Suite\Output Drivers
    LXi version 10:
    C:\Program Files\Signwarehouse\Vinyl Express LXi\Output Drivers
  2. There is already a Vinyl.CSM file in this folder. Please replace it with the one that is provided here.
  3. Open your LXi software, and get to your Production Manager screen.
  4. Delete the old cutter setup.
  5. On the Add Setup screen, use "Vinyl Express" as the Manufacturer. Then select your R Series model.
Updated R Series USB Driver for LXi Software
Save the zip file "Updated R Series" (Right Click > Save Target As...) to your local machine. Open the zip file. In the root directory you'll find a Instruction.txt file. To install your updated driver, follow the directions in this file.
Need Help? Send us a Support E-Mail
E-Mail Support: Vinyl Express® R Series Models
Note: This support page is only for R Series cutters. If you have another product you want to request support for, please visit our main support page.
Please enter the serial number of your Vinyl Express® R Series cutter:
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